Architecture Re-Assembled

Design, layout and photography for Architecture Re-assembled published by Routledge in 2013.

Working with the author and publisher, to develop a layout to replicate the discussions of a symposium, the main text is supported (or questioned) by the marginal quotes and images—creating a unified whole.

This project involved detailed communication with the author to make sure that all of the design elements worked together, as well as using the photography to illustrate the points being put across in the text.

Nestlé UK&I Graphic work

Working with a small architectural firm to enliven Nestlé’s new headquarters in Gatwick.

Elements include 1m wide totem of company logos for the reception area [1,2], 8m long glass-bonded prints for the boardroom and fine-dining areas [7,8], and a 15m wide series of panels for the staff restaurant, printed on transparent film and applied to glass [3,4].

This project involved art-direction of existing Nestlé imagery, and sensitive use of stock images to fill any gaps and regular presentations to senior staff members to show progress. It also required detailed communication with suppliers to keep on top of all of the different process’ being used.

Collaboration with McDaniel Woolf architects, finished 2013

Awards & Self initiated

Jux-taposition: A project developing the idea of a magazine, and creating a format that would work as a display poster for notice boards. Awarded D&AD Best New Blood.

&stuff: A book and poster (folded up to make the dust-jacket) examining minutiae of typographic history, and presenting a timeline. Awarded ISTD Bronze.

Cotton: A series of posters taking the must have concept of fashion design, and using it to highlight the damage that fertilisers and pesticides cause to poor workers. Developed in conjunction with the Pesticide Action Network (PAN)

Orion Sci-Fi covers: Using royalty free images from NASA and other sources to create striking image based covers for science fiction books.

Richmond upon Thames College

Two graphic projects for the College, one to provide an A4 handout to orientate new (and existing) students around the building, and an ongoing project for annual A2 wall-planners, incorporating term dates and college specific events, leaving space for staff to add their own information, whilst maintaining a clear and legible design.

Pesticide Action Network – Cotton

Series of posters designed for the Pesticide Action Network, to illustrate the toll cotton production takes on poor farmers throughout the world.

Many are forced to use toxic pesticides and fertilisers without any access to safety equipment that would be considered the bare minimum in the developed world, causing 20,000 preventable deaths each year.

Who is going to pay for your cheap t-shirt?

  • Architecture Re-Assembled

    Architecture Re-Assembled

  • Nestlé UK&I Graphic work

    Nestlé UK&I Graphic work

  • Awards & Self initiated

    Awards & Self initiated

  • Richmond upon Thames College

    Richmond upon Thames College

  • Pesticide Action Network – Cotton

    Pesticide Action Network – Cotton

Skills and services

Typography: I am a member of the ISTD, with a keen eye for typographic detail. My work spans the full range of scale, from display type for large instillations, through to fine detail for published books, as well as a creative flair for innovative and expressive ideas.

Creative thinking: Education is about learning how to think, and I apply creative problem solving to every project. In some cases this may end up in small refinements of concepts to better suit the brief, whilst in others it might end up in wholesale re-consideration.

Freelance flexibility: Small scale offers a great degree of flexibility, and the chance to tailor the services offered to the client. Instead of offering a one-size fits all solution, we can work with the client to develop something that is just right.



Welcome to the online design portfolio of London based freelancer Tim Garnham.

I am a creative designer, with a keen eye for typography, and five years of experience working freelance and within larger teams.

I am a member of the ISTD, and was awarded D&AD Best New Blood. I have worked for a range of clients, from large companies including Taylor & Francis and Nestlé, to family run Architects, and also a number community projects.

This work has required me to develop extensive project and time management skills, I am also proficient with Adobe CS, primarily InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

If you would like to talk about a project, you can contact me at:

Click HERE to download my CV and a short pdf portfolio.